By Lamin Cham

Despite widespread assumptions that as the godfather of President Barrow he is the de factor leader of the country, Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United Democratic Party has told the BBC that he has never dictated anything to President Barrow.

Barrow resigned from the UDP to contest on a coalition ticket in the presidential election last December.
However many analysts and ordinary Gambians have said his closeness and fatherly respect for Darboe, the founding leader of the party, suggests he Darboe is influencing the presidency.
But speaking to the BBC Focus On Africa broadcast live from Banjul yesterday, Darboe denied ever dictating to the President.

Asked on the basic bread and butter concern of Gambians ever since the new government took power, example the power crisis, Mr Darboe said Gambians must be a little patient because the present government does not take impulsive or abrasive actions without proper checking.
“And we will not allow dubious companies to bring heavy fuel here at the expense of the country,” Darboe said.

Also speaking in the same programme, the Minister of Justice Ba Tambadou revealed that the type of Truth and Reconciliation Committee being prepared by the government will be tasked to take a comprehensive look at the issues of human rights abuses over the past 22 years.

“Justice is a hot topic in the Gambia now given the scale and gravity of the alleged cases of rights abuses. That’s why the type of TRC we are setting up will include compensations for victims based on their need and circumstances. This could involve not just monetary compensations but the provision of scholarships for those who lost their parents as victims of the past regime for example,” he said.

Source :Standard

  1. Mr Kofi


  2. Anonymous1

    could those spreading cheap lies about Darboe influencing Barrow, where is the proof? can somebody give us just one typical example. Yaya jammeh was Allah’s way of punishing us Gambians for our hypocrisy attitude. Let’s not forget if we over step boundaries, He can bring worst than Yaya jankading jammeh to our homeland again.

  3. Abu Hamza

    One would think that EFSTH been the main referral hospital of the country which receives critical patients from the other health facilities in the country and also been a place where Doctors and other health workers are expected to be trained on the best standards of patient care will be given due attention by any government that considered itself fit to preside over the affairs of the people.
    Unfortunately for our country this has not been the case under the former government of Yahya Jammeh and so far nothing has changed under the new Coalition Government of Mr Adama Barrow either. Since the new government took over and the subsequent appointment of the health Minister the situation in EFSTH which was inherited from the former regime is getting worse by day without any effort been seen to be done by the government to improve it. Almost two months after her appointment we are yet to know who our health minister is. She didn’t come even once to see how things are going on and know the problems we are faced with daily in our work. It is said that knowing a problem is one step towards solving it.
    The prevailing situation under our current Chief Medical Director Professor Khalil is deplorable to say the list. That man who is already senile needs to be allowed to go home and have a good rest and sleep before his final departure to the next world which all of us are awaiting instead of being tasked to head an important institution like a teaching hospital when our country and the hospital is not lacking of young, intelligent, vibrant and patriotic professionals like Dr Samateh and Dr Roberts, just to name a few.
    The unwise decision of making professor Khalil as the CMD of EFSTH was made during the time of the most stupid president ever in the history of Africa; Yahya Jammeh. I believed they settled on professor Khalil who was unable to even effectively manage a Unit of the hospital [The laboratory] because of the fact that none of our able professionals at the time were willing to accept an offer due to the irrational behavior of president Jammeh who is fun of firing people from their jobs for no good reasons.
    Thanks to professor Khalil and Yahya Jammeh the whole hospital [EFSTH] is in shambles. There is a shortage of almost everything ranging from bulbs for lighting the rooms, thread, oil and sewing needles for tailors, wielding machines for Wielder men, spare parts for very essential and expensive machines, Bed sheets for patients, absorbent gauze and other essential consumables. How can we continue to operate under this condition without the tools to do our work and yet expected to deliver quality services to our people which they deserve to get? What kind of Doctors and health professionals do we expect to produce when they are learning and being trained in such an environment?
    Whenever one makes a request to the hospital authorities, the CMD in particular for almost anything the only response is that there is no money; Full stop. He is not seen to be doing any effort after that.
    The coalition Government of Mr Barrow needs to act fast now if they have any desire to redeem the situation in this very important national institution unless if they intend to have it closed.

    From: A Concerned Staff

  4. Anonymous

    Ungrateful Ousainou Darbo, who said you dictates Barrow?. Maybe thats what you are doing. Why cant you be honourable? Gambians saved your Life. You never stand for Gambian students they were killed by Jammeh’s boys scout military, you never stand for Gambians when jammeh was going round giving them poison and Calling them witches! jammeh killed 9 people in your eyes, and you never thought that was a problem! many people were killed, and others just desapeared without trace, but you never uttered word! So, you are no hero! You fight for your own selfish instrest, age limit in the consitution, and its clear when you people came in , the first thing you wanted to do was to make constitutional amendments to change that! What happened to term limit, or the rights of Gambians in the diaspora to vote? why didn’t you fight that first? Slefish and greedy people. Gambians are still living in the dark ages.

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