Investigated, Compiled and Analyzed By Essa Bokarr Sy.
Commission of enquiry on the financial mismanagement of former President Yahya Jammeh –  Following the thread with professionals trained on AML – Anti Money Laundering. Alongside tackling the current activities of those being called before the commission and the commission itself. AML  usually follows the thread of PEP – Politically Exposed Persons with the sixth sense. Yahya Jammeh was not alone therefore those acting as if they were conveyor belts of economic crimes committed by Yahya should get ready. It is false for anyone of them to stand here today telling “I was forced or I did not dare go against his orders”.
Let us begin with what was derived from the files of Guarantee Trust Bank and Office of The Preisdent.
What is needed to open a company bank account  at a bank in The Gambia?
1-MOU- Memorandum of Understand.
2-Article of Association.
3-Certificate of Incorporation.
4-Business Registration.
First suspicious activity: Guarantee Trust opened a company’s bank account based on a simple letter from office of The President. Afterwards the bank either recklessly or deliberately allowed the client to enjoy a so called “grace period” without any follow up. It was a party organized for  sneaky cheats  in a fool’s paradise. Indeed benefitting those  who kept opening accounts at these banks to be more precise Guarantee Trust Bank. They knew very well that they had accomplices within those four walls. Therefore they took all the time in the world to come back and complete the list of the documents needed by the bank. Total disrespect to bank regulations! Mark I once worked for a bank and was part of the risk fulfillment and fraud control branch.
Coming back to the above mentioned thread of investigations…Interestingly though, President’s office’s first follow up letter was sent to Guarantee Trust Bank a year after the account was opened!  2nd letter was hurriedly released when the new government came to power! G T Bank was a hub of “money laundering” where the wheel was being turned by people who are today pretending to be the “cleanest” and Yahya made them do things. That is not true!!! Yahya committed economic crimes yes but someone or some people made him understand it  therefore showed him the routes to take. Yahya Jammeh has never been a banker keep that in mind. For the civil servants who remained until the last hour and are today crying wolf, we say to you… Yahya is on record, he said: “If you do not want my job leave it”. Why didn’t you resign or why did some of you come back after relations soured between you and Yahya? The latter were of course not forced to do what they chose to continue doing. Almost everyone of those who headed institutions like banks, para statals or other top government jobs till the end of the journey of horror and terror with the former regime were and still remain accomplices  with reference to the aforesaid. I am speaking from  a professional perspective nothing personal or subjective in these analysis. Never forget that those who were dancing tango with Ansumana Jammeh and Ms Sallah as signitories on those accounts and checks not excluding the two men of middle eastern origin, were doing so at will. What bank would lean on a single letter from the office of the President and then open a bank account for a companies not one but many for that matter?  Do you remember when we wrote about PURA, GRA and the FOREX Bank accounts at G Trust? The archives are still here so fresh in our minds. BE WARNED THAT I DO NOT  PLAY GAMES NEITHER AM I DRIVEN BY THE DESIRE TO MAKE A NAME WHEN I INVESTIGATE!!!!!!!!!
Tracking these goons who are PEPs politically exposed persons led professionals trained on anti money laundering  to another leading question.
Question: Why would a small country like The Gambia have 14 banks to begin with? Did you observe one trend? A great number of those law students who went to UTG during Yahya Jammeh’s time when they graduated rushed to secure jobs at these banks! 7 out of 10 of those employees are female. Why? That is what tickles investigators folks! I AM NOT A JOURNALIST!   From findings and experience of professionals trained and certified on Anti Money laundering and or counter terrorism it means these were banks meant to protect “off shore” accounts that were opened to serve as a route for money launderers. Lest we want to forget why the South American drug cartel penetrated Gambia!  “Suspected” clients or persons of interest were State House in Banjul, some local Gambian businessmen, accomplices from the middle, South America and Nigeria. These are banks established for “cleansing” and transfering funds to other destinations after being presumably laundered. Not all clients are money launderers but a significant number have been indexed. If the new government fails to listen one day they will  feel a negative shock from foreign companies as many see these commissions as a superficial side of what should be really exposed.  Make no mistake about it along paralel lines trained and certified professionals who are equally concerned citizens will take these commissions to task and then keep pinpointing facts. Especially where there remains gray areas during their deliberations. Before we draw the curtains today here are details and or questions ongoing investigations are pursuing in earnest.
SSHFC accounts like the Pensioner’s account. Scary details will definitely emerge later that is if the commission does it job properly! NO SACRED COWS PLEASE! What if investigators discover that the Pensioner’s account is in the red and some time in the future pensioner’s will not be paid? It could arise just brace up for the unexpected. Didn’t we mention names like Nuha Touray secretary to the cabinet more than three years ago? At the time many were submerged in bubbles of squabbles saying these were mere speculations or baseless accusations right? Well what are we hearing and seeing today? We have been vindicated and for sure a lot more is on the way to vindicate our prior findings or investigations. What about monies SSHFC released to help Yahya Jammeh buy rice and then turned that into a propaganda sound bite? Of course men like Nuha Touray who was a secretary to the then Paul Commission should have known better. In fact how many other commissions did he attend? He knows! When the dossiers of former Secretary Generals office of the president resurface I hope the storm of blame games will not destroy the trust between some of the current government officials and their “sacred cows”?
We are in it for the nation and let me reiterate this here, liking people should not be the yard stick  used when hiring people to work for a nation.  Stop the “cherry picking” or coating your sacred pets. That does NOT move a country!
  1. Anonym

    RUBBISH, LOADS OF RUBBISH. Many Gambians with principles and morals defied yaya jammeh and said no to him in his face and in public. Some paid a heavy price gor doing so but never regreted it. Halifa Sallah, Imam Muhideen Hydara, Solo Sandeng, Imam Baba Leigh and many many other Gambians wuth high moral character choosed truth over fear. It us the imoral, greedy, unprincipled Gambians like Imam Fatty, Essa Bokar Sy, Imam Touray, Vala Jahumpa et al who traded dignity for wealth and health

  2. Sanyangba New York

    Name one if there was any

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