**When the music changes, then the rhythm of the dance* *must change* *also*.
The aforementioned is the reason why when  New Governments, the world over, especially those where dictatorship has been defeated, have to effect total change of Government personnel when they take over power and form a new Government. Hence they will ensure their objectives and New Democratic policies are executed effectively and according to the manifesto they were elected on. It will also facilitate the New Government to smoothly manage change and the new transition. (Transition? Which we never had).
This though is contrary to what our elected leaders in “New Gambia” are doing. It beggars belief that personnel that serve the ex Jammeh regime are Today the closest advisers to Our President and privy to some of the most important decisions Our Leader is taking to rebuild the New Gambia!!
Was this what * “Gambia has Decided” and fought for so hard for*?
It actually boarders unfairness that citizens joined and fought for the Coalition, spend their wealth on the coalition, risked their life and liberty, Only to find that the Jammeh “Enablers” have all been hired in most of the top jobs… Secretary General, CDS, Chief protocol, Ambassadors, GRA, permanent secretaries, Directors,…..the list goes on….what has really changed?? *Gambians have decided on change, but have Government changed*? It was this very Coalition, our current Government that spend so much time criticizing Jammeh’s recruitment procedures, accusing Jammeh’s government recruits, personnel and ambassadors of unprofessionalism, lack of capability, Corruption, nepotism and unfairness; yet now that they are have been Voted in power, they retain most of the very Jammeh personnel . Oops their “Choosen” ones!!
Could it be that there are no “available” capable Gambians to take up these positions?
Of course we all need to be patient, it’s a new Government let’s give them a chance? But hey? When things are going in the right direction WE all know it.
Unfairness or Favoritism?
What is the difference and so special about the ex Jammeh CDS  and trusted servant M Kinteh and Ousman Badjie? Same with Ex Ambassador Dembo Badjie (China) and OG Sallah (Saudi Arabia)? Isatou Njie Saidy (VP and head of the Jammeh security sub committee) and Yankuba Badjie NIA DG) I can continue to name similar scenarios in the current Government. Why and what is the reason behind hiring and retaining some and getting  rid of some??
Same with the treatment of our Departed Heroes… Our Steve Bikos’… Ousman Koro Ceesay, November 94 victims, Students, 2006 coup,  Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, the many killed by Jammeh; and Solo Sendeng? (May Allah raise them to Jannatul Firdaus and let their gentle souls continue to rest in perfect peace). Government rush immediately to prosecute on the killing of Solo Sendeng? But  What about the rest?? I love Solo Sendeng and yes he is MY hero.
Society Never forget nor  forgive Injustices, unfairness and favoritism’s. Individuals may to aid healing and keep the peace.
Let’s look around what’s happening at the New selected board of directors of certain institutions in The Gambia today, for example The Gambia Ports Authorities. When one look closer particular NAMES appear all over…why? Is it because of their capabilities or relations and connections with people in High power!! In Jammeh’s time certain names were all over and involved in many things!! Is the New Gambia going to see the evolution of similar practices??
To effectively manage change selections have to be fair and capability base, opportunities have to be opened to all, and decisions about Country and nation Building transparent. Otherwise……??
Back to the Jammeh “Enablers”
It’s actually very dangerous having “people that are, oops! were Loyal to Jammeh and have diligently served Jammeh” be advising “Our new inexperience President”….what policies, approach to decision making will they show him… but those that they know and learned from Dictator Jammeh?? Hence their services to the new Government could be a recipe for disaster and Maybe, just Maybe a possible return to Dictatorship?? (Yes, I can sense the feeling going through you after reading that!!).
*Tree that grows crooked will never be straightened – bad habits learned serving a dictator are hard to get rid of later.*
Gambians require fresh blood in Government not “Recycled “ servants of the ex dictator we fought so hard and bravely to remove. If Gambia 🇬🇲 is not careful, OUR NEW GAMBIA, (Allah Forbid) will be more corrupt, more divided, more tribalist, than when Jammeh was there…. and I fear stability? Political stability for development? Borrow will serve 3/5 years and we will go for elections…. what was the Coalitions majority… 5%…??? So the die heart APRC supporters, GDC, plus the disgruntle UDP supporters and most importantly those 300k citizens that never bothered to vote? Oops! ( Maybe they were from Casamance) these can vote government out of Office after 3/5 years…and then what? We will go back to the drawing board again with a new Government! (I want  His excellency Adama Barrow, My President, our President be given a chance and the opportunity to Lay the foundations and even build the new Gambia), But? The current Government need to be decisive, make and take the hard decisions to clean the civil service, foreign affairs, the Army, police, judiciary, in fact , ALL government departments of “recycled Jammeh Enablers”; and put in place capable, honest, hard working citizens. Failing that, They will be failing ALL Gambians that supported and voted them into office. And that only means ONE thing… they will or could be voted out before anything could be accomplished!! That Will not be very good for our dear motherland.
*A leader is judged not by the length of his reign  BUT by the decisions he makes.*
Least we forget, a fool may be known by six things anger, without cause speech, without profit change, without progress inquiry, without object, putting trust in a stranger, and most notably, mistaking foes for friends!!!
What is causing all the delays in the execution of the New Gambia’s development projects? The Ports, Nawec, Fisheries, Agriculture, health care, ID cards, Infrastructure developments? Is it lack of time to discuss the projects due to very busy travel schedules? Is it the divide between the  retained recycled Enablers and the new entrants to government & the civil service? Is it that they don’t want to proceed with projects that offer no under the table kickbacks? Is it, most importantly, a lack of capability to profitably execute or negotiate the projects on behalf of The Gambia?
Our Commander-in-Chief, our President SURELY knows the answers and should take the Decisions to fix it. *The people, the electorate, Citizens, Gambians want to know*
Could the Government come out and brief the Citizens on behind the scenes negotiations of developmental projects??
Since I arrived in Gambia, I have had pockets of “Gambia has Regretted”. I wonder what is being Regretted? Surely not getting rid of the dictator; maybe the indecisiveness of our new leaders, maybe because our new leaders retain the services of the personnel of the ex dictator, maybe the favoritism in recruitment, maybe not giving equal opportunities to all Citizens, maybe? Maybe? Who knows??
It will be very difficult, maybe impossible for any party or Group to hold Gambians again to ransom for so long in the way Jammeh did for 22 years. Gambians now believe and have tasted freedom and democracy; hence they will not let go easily.
May Allah bless our hearts with patriotism, give us the ability and wisdom to put our country before self, the ability to distinguish between Halal and Ha’ram earnings, and most importantly safe and protect our Leaders and Dear motherland, The Gambia 🇬🇲.
The objective of me writing the aforementioned is to stir a debate into what is currently happening, being talked about in groups and not in the open in Our Country, The Gambia. If these issues are not dealt with by Government they will surely disrupt the rebuilding, the political stability and the development of Our New Gambia.
P. S: My next write up will be on the security services and The inherited Jammeh Government Departments & ministries.
Allah Bless The Gambia.
Abdoulie Ceesay
London. England.

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