Security must protect journalists — Minister Jawo

Security must protect journalists — Minister JawoSecurity must protect journalists — Minister Jawo

By Omar Bah

The Gambia’s Minister of Information, Ali Demba Jawo has said that former President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year regime has left a fragile relationship and suspicion between journalists and the security forces.
Minister Jawo made these remarks yesterday at the opening of a three-day training of Gambian security forces on freedom of expression and the safety of journalists at the Djembe Beach Hotel in Kololi.
“The onus is on all of us to change this ugly past to better and improve the linkage between these two vital institutions of our dear country,” he said.
The Minister said the unfortunate arrests, torture, disappearance and killings of journalists in the former regime including forced exile of media personnel and other voices of dissent were clear manifestations that the former regime was hostile to the media.
“Given the fact that most of those persecutions were rightly or wrongly blamed on security forces, the need to enlighten each other on the role of security forces in a democratic state is very crucial,” he added.
Minister Jawo further noted that both Article 19 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights promote and safeguard the rights of journalists and as such, “we are all duty-bound to uphold the principles enshrined in both articles.”
He said the role of the media as the Fourth Estate in any democratic process has been universally accepted and that the new Gambia will not be an exception.
“The government under the leadership of President Adama Barrow has put the empowerment of the media, access to information and freedom of expression as a policy objective.Therefore trust and confidence among the media, security forces and the community has to be at the forefront of this policy.
“It is expected that after the end of this training security forces will no longer victimise journalists but instead be their protectors,” he concluded.

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  1. Anonymous

    The Gambian Mind and Senegal’s strategic blinder

    Senegal in 1964 tried to merge the Gambia with Senegal. It failed.
    In 1980, Senegal invaded after Field Force Commander Eku Mahoney was killed. Soon after, Jawara asked them very nicely to leave.
    In 1981, they came again to stop Kukoi and force-marched Jawara into a confederation. It failed. They left.
    Now, Gambians vote out Yaya the dictator. He refused. Senegal jumped in again. They will leave soon. Barrow or any Gambian Government will never dare sacrifice The Gambia. Yes we have our tribal problems, but Gambia always unites us whether Fula, Serer, Jola, Wollof, Balanta, Aku, sARAHULE, kARONINKA OR manjago or serer. Funnily all these have relations in Senegal. But we want to be Gambia.sENEGAL SHOULD stop wasting ECOMIG resources and go home and be replaced by Togo or Niger. Gambia cannot be a base for its war in Cassamance.

  2. Anonymous

    A country that is divided by tribalism – this happens.
    Those in power can even invite the devil to stay in power.

    UDP allows senegal to do that. Fools that they are. Senegal million times smarter.

    Darboe – pawn
    Mai Fatty – Pawn
    Macki Sallah – Main actor
    ECOMIG – scape goat. There is no ecomig. Its Senegal army.

    The bridge will be built in farafeni
    The senegalese army base in Foni will be forever
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    Gambia will now be senegal’s Chaka bun’goo (protitute house)
    Mai fatty is a corrupt deal man. Senegal will give him millions to be a yes man

    This has started. A Gambian citizen blood was spilled. FREE BLOOD.
    Go and kill a senegalese citizen in Dakar and see what will happen.

    This is the price of tribalism. The UDP is determined to keep power. Even if Gambia becomes senegal’s kamo’oh (toilet)

    Yaya will smile, and smile and smile and laugh he he he he he he he

  3. Anonymous


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