SPECIAL SESSION WITH Essa Bokarr SY. Arms, Armouries and Communication as part of the pillars of powe
Arms, Armouries and Communication as part of the pillars of power. Time reminds us of when scholars or scientists said there are three weapons facing society. ATOMIC, NUCLEAR and the COMMUNICATION BOMB. Modern times have witnessed or seen opportunistic characters from POLITICS and RELIGION use COMMUNICATION to create wealth for themselves by mesmerising society for their selfish interest. We once heard a thinker say religion is the opium of the masses right? Yes indeed he was referring to those who use religion as an opportunity to exploit the masses with pollutants they always tie to unfounded tales of fear mongering sermons that are usually geared towards promoting a cult for one person or sect per se.
What honesty sees in certain preachers and/or orators “anointed by politics”  is nothing other than the fact that, they are  are the worst ushers of  theories and theologies.  Why say so? As a matter of fact derived from the obvious is that, some of these interest magnets, are good at using crude unrefined interpretation of theories of theologies targeting “victims” or the vulnerable. Such preachers or orators find easy targets in  those who are yet to be schooled but being fooled.  Orators of preachers  like these think they assets when in actual fact all they do is teach society about themselves but not theories and theology meant to enhance lives!
Do not blame the listener blame those who misrepresent facts from theology or theories at the expense of teaching what is right. A Gambian Imam whose audio is going VIRAL these days is an example of such toxic preachers. Some time in the past going against tyranny under Yahya Jammeh was the passport that many used to cover their weaknesses but now that Yahya is gone certain things must be put on check or at best removed from within. When people speak or preach they should remove their selfishness or desirous souls from what they say! So should preachers and speakers see reason in using “dosages”not  “over dosages” to help enlighten and then enhance the lives of those being targeted. Any preacher who does not respect women, children, the helpless and or the vulnerable is not different from power hungry politiicians. Preachers should be refining their messages with finesse but not spew it with rudeness and disrespect! Associating the image of the Prophet with one’s selfishness by quoting him or using his name is a sin anyway! Muhammad SAWS will never down grade any humanbeing let alone women be they mature or young ladies.  Women should not be devalued by any preacher so shouldn’t any preacher discriminate against women based on age! When giving examples balancing benefits with expectations and teachings of the religion is always a better way of convincing people not the other way round. Hadija was a mature woman when she met the Prophet yet we have all seen the way Muhammad SAWS raised her name with utmost respect. On that we want our Gambian women especially the mature ones who are mothers not to feel any pain from utterances made by such preachers. Ask me what is the continuity of humanity? My answer would be the womb in women.

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