SPECIAL SESSION WITH ESSA BOKARR SY ON RADIO HELLO GAMBIA HOSTED BY WWW.BANJULFOCUS.COM. TO BE AIRED FROM OUR STUDIO IN NEW JERSEY USA. Program will begin as soon our recording ends within the next hour or two. Audios and audio visuals will be simultaneously shared via you tube, What s up, face book and Twitter.
Plato said this years ago: Quote: “One of the penalties for not participating in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors…”
Who are the inferior? They are the ones who do not have national interest at heart!
Bear in mind  that for knowledge inferiority stems from being unaware where learning is not better than silver and gold. Knowledge and honesty should always be better than silver and gold. Being intelligent and aware frees the mind from ignorance. Where commonsense is rare but should have been every where means many are inferior within  their own  environment. Awareness combined  with intelligence could be the best ingredients for that palatable dish from knowledge. Is the ignorant free?  Beginning the daunting journey of change  with consitutionality is a guarantee that society can fill the available space with the rule of law. Some say we don’t need strong rulers we need strong institutions. We say!  strong constitutions should support all strong instittutions. Governments cannot remain energizers, they are the kitchen that cooks the food that maintains us! What should be our staple food? It should be KNOWLEGDE served with contents of a  CONSTITUTION. President Barrow is being encouraged and motivated to maintain the steady course he has started with his speech during the state opening of parliament. We can say he listened to national interest therefore spoke to the psyche of society through awareness and listening skills.
Before we end this program we are appealing to every Gambian through  village heads, Mayors, district chiefs, governors or commissioners including religious, community, traditional, cultural and youth leaders to organize tree planting exercises as soon as possible. Gambia can be turned into the food basket of the subregion. Planting mangos, oranges and other fruit bearing trees through out the country during the rains will indeed be a powerful   weapon to fight against poverty, or precisely deficiencies stemming from lack of certain vitamins..We also encourage our women to expand their local gardens. Along those lines, searching for companies that can locally produce and provide fencing material like berbed wire or other pillars for paddocks is part of my priorities nowadays. So do we invite local Gambian businesses to stand up and be part of the exercise..Turning The Gambia into one big farm where people will be harvesting all year round likewise  keeping their products in cold storages for local consumption or exportation is more urgent than anything else. The best guarantee for security is participation and  production within a society connected together by.organizational discipline.

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