Tombong decries Jammeh-Habré comparison

Tombong decries Jammeh-Habré comparison

Interim opposition APRC leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta has hit back at comments likening former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh to Hissène Habré.

Victims including officials of the Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations, CVHRV likened Jammeh to Habré, who ruled Chad from 1982 to 1990 and committed crimes against humanity.
“Which people are saying that? Who are those people? Are they Gambian people or outside people?” Mr Jatta queried.

“I believe that everybody has an opinion. Let me say one thing: I respect everybody, whatever your opinion is. I respect you and your opinion, but I reserve the right to differ from it and disagree,” he said during an interview in Kanilai recently.
“That said, my opinion is different. I see President Jammeh, as somebody who has tremendously transformed The Gambia from an unknown country, and for Gambians to be able to stand and express themselves and know their rights, and for Gambians to be fearless, to be patriotic and enlightened through the creation of relevant institutions for the youths and all other people.


For 32 years and also during colonialism, none of those things existed in The Gambia. That is my opinion of the man.”
Mr Jatta also condemned members of other parties “who go round, especially in the provinces, telling people the APRC is an ‘illegal party’.” He said that is a below-the belt tactic to tarnish the image of the party.

“They told them that this is a criminal party; you cannot join them. If you do, you are criminal. Now we have to sensitise the people and tell them that, that is misinformation, that the APRC is APRC and it is legally constituted and that the Gambian law provides for anybody… whatever party you want to, join, join. Let nobody fool people that APRC is illegal,” he added.
Mr Jatta said “a lot has happened to the APRC” since the defeat of Jammeh, insisting that many of those things are “entirely unfair”.
“Even our vehicles, they seized them all. And our bureau? They moved us out without notice.”

Source: Standard Newspaper

  1. Anonymous1

    Really oldman? are you for real? you talk about “your” vehicles and bereau? can i take you down memory lane when your socalled stupid president in the name of yaya jammeh came to power, what happened to previous government civil servants and their assets? no due process was followd, people had their bonafide properties seized only to be seen used by the useless thugs with yaya as their leader, has that not happened? you still ahve mouth to talk about PRC because the formal commission of in quiry hasn’t been set up yet. By the time that comes in to play you old man in the name of Tombong or whatever will pick your rags and go back to the rat hole you emerged from with your coward leader yaya jammeh .

  2. sawaneh

    Fabakary tonbong why can’t you shutup your asshole u know what that bastard yahya jammeh did to gambian and you have the idiot mouth to be so called defending the same asshole like Barrow’s government must even charged of treason and your entire enblers don’t worry your days are numbered you bastard,

  3. BAH

    no matter what people have the right to belong to any legitimate party such APRC,UDP etc. now UDP should know they are abusimg the rights of others. So what goes up comes down.



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