Analysis By Essa Bokarr SY.
I am fully aware of the reserved budget Yahya Jammeh has put aside for obvious reasons. The budget expenditure line rolls on two aims and objectives.
1 – It is geared towards destabilising the Senegambia region.
2 – It is meant  to set up “pocket resistance”  by using ” micro phone and computer  mercenaries” alongside recruit mercenaries who are more or less into “hide and seek” tactics than conventional war fare.
Some clues are here to revisit.
From a professional’s perspective the trend could be as  clear as the milky way galaxy glittering  in the sky on a silent and clear night in sahel. However from someone who is not seasoned in tactics it becomes a cycle of suspension  and fear combined.  Anyone who thinks  Yahya and his cartel  are dormant must be a very naive person. Yahya Jammeh’s case is that of security and justice pretension and political  desires  cannot and will never be able to tackle Yahya and cartel.
Therefore when some of us keep seeing characters whose integrity and credibility  has been completely COMPROMISED over the years attempting to defend you Yahya Jammeh and your stinking legacy, it makes me feel more and more motivated. It makes me see the need to fight  with you very severely again. Stop wasting your stolen or Ill gotten wealth Yahya Jammeh! Those charlatans you are sending around are like drunken fools trying to  sell ice to Eskimos while shamelessly defending  your stinking legacy. Their skills in marketing your image are way too low and slow old pal.
Coming back to Gambia through propaganda designed and choreographed by drunkards and extremely dirty honey bargers does not shake Samba. Let me remind Yahya Jammeh one thing again! You started the fight but you will never ever end it In Shaa Allah.
Of late I have been seeing some of your “smoked wall geckos” jumping around within their circle of falsehood but let me warn you Yahya. I know you are  their sponsor. Yahya  if I  PUNCH back this time around  you will definitely remember who this fighter is once again.
Remember my promise…YOU WILL BE ARRESTED, YOU WILL BE CHAINED, YOU WILL FLOWN IN A HELICOPTER OR JET AND CAGED IN SHAA ALLAH. Yahya Jammeh that will not fail Allah willing.
You have always lived in denial Yahya but reality will very soon knock on your door.
Do not measure me with the Banjul Yard stick, I am taking care of your case through another avenue. I am not part of any political party, group or public figure I am loyal to national interest Yahya. I do not work with Gambians as far as your case is concerned. Do not rush you will hear from some professionals sooner than you expect it.
By the way your CASE FILE is certainly in the making. Very soon we shall see if those trying to associate themselves with you and your legacy will dare do so in the open anymore
Malik Jones was caught right? Others will be caught.  Even those catching them would not know how the ones they caught were exposed.
So Yahya thinks the fight is lukewarm or dull ?
Well Yahya Jammeh keep looking in the sky you will come to know if all Gambians you know are “equal” when it comes to international strategies though human intelligence.
Beware of the unseen Yahya.
  1. Sanyangba New York

    Let him pay the heavy price he is worst than Pharoh

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