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By: Ousainou Mbenga

The slogan “Gambia Has Decided” which gave our beloved Gambia another world prominence since ROOTS and Kunta Kinteh has been officially replaced by “God Has Decided”. According to the Minister of Tourism, Hamat Bah, “God” has decided for Adama Barrow to be the president of The Gambia, therefore everyone should support the decision. Hamat and charlatans like him should leave God out of this matter. If God had a hand in this decision, God would have made sure of a leadership who “abhors greed and detest vanity,” whose humility is their strength and integrity their greatness”. Barrow and his “tactical coalition” government probably need your lame and senseless excuses made on their behalf but God doesn’t need your excuses. Furthermore, if God had anything to do with our situation everyone in the country would have had a sheep or ram to slaughter for Eid (Tobaski) just as Barrow’s entourage to Mecca and the rest of the aspiring “petit bourgeoisie”set on the same tracks as the Jammeh regime.  

We must expose these charlatans who hide behind “God” to perpetuate our miserable conditions of existence with no relief in sight. We must fearlessly challenge all charlatans and the so called learned religious numbskulls that God has nothing to do with the oppressive conditions inflicted upon our people by the governments we elect. The governments are responsible, not God. We should be the ones giving the warnings to these unscrupulous government officials not the other way around.

Since Barrow has been “tactically muted”, he needs a mouthpiece to transmit his muted messages. At a press conference to justify the 57 brand new vehicles bribed to the National Assembly Members (NAM), the minister went on a tirade punctuated with praise singing of their “new Gambia” ending with a stern warning: “Those who think that they can destabilize this country, they are fooling themselves. God has decided that Adama Barrow is the president of this country. God has decided that. Those who want to abuse the system will find themselves somewhere very uncomfortable at the end of the day”. Waxing indignant, the minister leaves no doubts in our minds and hearts that the “old Gambia” of intimidation and fear-mongering under Jammeh is not yet dead. 

For all practical purposes, the Barrow administration poses as the greatest destabilizing factor in the Gambia because of their actions and policies or lack thereof. All evidence points to their unwillingness to dismantle the vermin infested structures that sustained the Jammeh regime. And in the absence of a planned program for a “new beginning,” the Barrow administration lacking direction resorts to the following potentially destabilizing actions:

  • The calculated undermining of “coalition 2016” in a rush for political predominance.
  • The recycling of known National Intelligence Agency (N.I.A) agents who terrorized our people into the State Intelligence Service (S.I.S) in pursuit of a meaningless “reconciliation.”
  • Retaining the architects of the APRC apparatus that ran the country into a grind.
  • Condoning the resurgence of reactionary ethnic affiliations through nepotism.
  • Questionable financial interactions with “foreign donors” for unscrupulous investment ventures.
  • The delaying tactics pertaining to the office of vice president nomination.
  • No mention of term limits for the presidency.
  • The habitual non-responsiveness on matters of national priority such as the recent flood disaster across the country.

Here in lies the ingredients of destabilization brothers and sisters not the criticisms made of the Barrow administration and the simple question. Where are they leading us to? 

                                                ONLY SCIENCE CAN LIBERATE AFRICA”             

First, we must challenge and dismiss the myth that science is beyond the grasp of the masses of our people. I am confident that the last 22 years of Jammeh’s tyranny has awaken the sensibilities of our people to question the reasons for our wretch conditions of living and not leave it to blind faith interpretations. Only science can liberate Africa and Gambia in particular from the historic “one step forward, two steps backward” leadership that continue to suffocate every breathing space the masses create to relief ourselves from misery, only to be betrayed by the most unreliable sector of our society, the impotent petit bourgeoisie. We must cultivate a new and reliable leadership for the genuine “new Gambia”.

Our only guarantee to genuine liberation hinges on our unwavering determination for social justice, meaningful peace and a political strategy for economic prosperity. These lofty ideals are best attainable through the application of SCIENCE. The testable explanations of our wretched conditions of living and how to change it for the better as oppose to the backward believe that it was predestined for us to suffer on earth.

It is abundantly clear that the Barrow “tactical coalition” administration is buying time by making empty promises to consolidate their state power while taking us for granted. Yet still the advocates of “give them a chance” refuse to accept the fact that we can’t continue to sit or stand on the tracks waiting for a possible “run-away-train”. Some of us vigorously refuse to be led without a plan or program into uncharted territories.

What happened in the Gambia from 1994 to 2016 will not happen again. We must make demands of the Barrow administration and take them to task as oppose to “give them a chance” without any “accountability, transparency and honesty”. The “give them a chancers” want to hold us hostage in defense of the regime, even in their persistent lackluster performance. 

We have entered the era of revolutionary politics with unwavering determination to entrench the power and will of the people to change our horrible conditions of living. We don’t have another 52 years to waste waiting for another demoralizing and unreliable regime (elite) that produces nothing but imports everything to rescue us. Our future is in our own hands not “donors, aid and partners in development”. 

                     SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY IS OUR BATTLE CRY!  ONE GAMBIA! ONE NATION!                                    

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  2. Jawara

    My question to Mbenga is, if we take Allah out of this issue, now who made Adama the president?
    Say what you wnat to Say in a different contex but not in this.

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    The Medical Marijuana Software System does not store this info and the only
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    a look at kits and various guides) or use the search characteristic to see if your question has been asked before.
    This protection has been successful in court for caregivers rising for small numbers of patients.
    On November 9, 2016, California voters approved Proposition sixty four , the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative
    (also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act), which goals to regulate and tax the
    expansion, transportation, and sale of marijuana for leisure use.

    I do know marijuana helps me with my condition,
    however I don’t have medical insurance and I’ve never
    seen a health care provider. Not solely can patients suffering from serious medical illnesses and conditions equivalent to AIDS,
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    benefits of cannabis use, people who are additionally experiencing ache and
    discomfort from illnesses that may be relieved by hashish can be issued a suggestion as effectively.

    California Well being and Security Code 11362.5 is
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    software (pdf). There’s no want to fret: All you want is to connect
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    Since 1996 when California voters and lawmakers legalized medical marijuana by Proposition 215,
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    Once armed along with your physician’s advice, you’re legally in a position to
    buy cannabis from collectives or co-ops (commonly known as dispensaries) around California, which every currently operate on a non-revenue basis.
    You simply fill out the online kind – signal-up, answer some questions on your evaluation. A medical marijuana affected person can designate anybody they select as their main caregiver.

    In compliance with California Health & Safety Code 11362.5, Hollywood Easy Clinic
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    Video games which might be set in the Indian cultural context like
    Chhota Bheem, card video games like Teen Patti, and cricket video games are being seen as promising classes
    across the business. Deccan Rummy is the final word rummy site for mind-boggling presents and promotions.

    All this has helped us constantly work towards improving the top-person expertise of recreation play and change into a leading Indian internet sport firm immediately.
    At Play Games24x7, we worth our group and offer a
    thriving studying environment, along with perks and benefits to keep our staff motivated.
    Flash-free tables provide seamless 24×7 gaming expertise.
    For the same number of downloads, in-app purchases in India are less than 10 per cent of that
    in the US,” said Reddy. What has also helped Rummy
    growth as compared to poker is the regulatory clarity around
    1968, the Supreme Court gave a verdict that recognised rummy to
    be a game of skill.

    With over 2.5 million registered users, RummyCircle serves as an ideal example for
    on-line brands to understand the importance
    of getting the suitable cost gateway companion that may ensure
    high efficiency, pace and accuracy. Affords a world class gaming expertise to everybody who enjoys enjoying rummy online.
    A set (additionally known as trail, or tio) is three playing cards of the
    same rank in several fits. Its distinctive knock out event format permits their gamers to match wits
    in fast paced competitions where winners earn precise cash
    prizes. Adby Ventures make leading edge technologies from all around the world obtainable for companies in Asia and the Center

    But Rummy Passion offers you the chance to turn your hobby right into a money making
    source with rummy cash video games online. The provide was tempting
    for Sachin because it was a startup, within the gaming world powered with
    digital but the unhealthy part was that there wasn’t
    much info over the Web for such a enterprise. RummyCircle provides pulsating tournaments, beneficiant bonuses and hundreds in cash prizes to be won each month.

    You can experience online rummy on your private computers, mobiles,
    or tablets, from anywhere you would like and at any time you feel like playing.
    The very affable Indian card games Teen Patti and Rummy, which were
    restricted to the lounge during festivities, are now performed daily
    at a competitive stage within the limitless digital

    India’s Largest & most Loved On-line Indian Rummy Web site with 2.5
    Million+ Players. Ace2Three is the first gaming operator in India to launch
    rummy online. Rummy Circle gives two forms of games – the ever standard knock-out model
    Rummy Tournaments and the brand new multi-player sport
    Points Rummy”. Sachin Uppal, Advertising Director
    at talks about his adolescence and the way a data pushed advertising strategy
    has given optimistic results. In case you wish to change
    your Enterprise Wire India choice please click on on this
    hyperlink and use your personal username and password to login.
    You get real-life rummy sport experience on an Android machine.

    Whereas the market within the West is much extra
    advanced in the form of money and time gamers make investments, India remains
    to be struggling with content material quality. Consistent with their vision, Play Games24x7 began growing a web-based thirteen card rummy sport – an extremely widespread
    card game in India. Each player is then dealt thirteen playing cards, after which one remaining card is dealt face up for all gamers to see.

    Cell devices, as a gaming platform, are of immense importance to us.
    Throughout the launch of our cell website and Android app, TechProcess workforce worked closely
    with our product and design groups to build highly personalized server integrations
    and fee pages.

    A mobile version is also within the research and growth
    part and can be prepared in 6 months, stated Gullapalli,
    adding that he was ready for 3G to pick up first. Final yr on August 18,
    Supreme Court declared Rummy, as a recreation of skills than misunderstood type of gambling.
    Know extra in regards to the rummy rules by enjoying
    free Rummy games with actual gamers throughout India.
    I am delighted to be the second prize winner in Sunday Masters Match.
    Winners in one spherical transfer to the following spherical and so forth
    till a closing winner emerges. Around the identical time Matrix Companions India was seeking to back gaming startups,
    after seeing the success of gamers in China like Shanda and Netease,
    which had taken gaming as the bottom to change into
    big platforms for content material.

    Please use your expertise to win even with decrease cards.
    Use the GROUP feature to arrange your cards into units and sequences.
    The utmost bonus you can avail in this promotion is Rs 1500.
    Play continues until one of the gamers manages to get all thirteen of his playing cards
    fashioned as stacks and runs and declares Paplu (or
    in English – Rummy). Card video games have
    a devoted audience, unlike mass market video games, which have a pan-audience attraction,” he opined.
    To make issues clear, in terms of cricket, it’s clearly a sport of ability for
    the participant but I’ll haven’t any control over how the
    player will play so I’ll be betting on an opportunity occasion.

    Please note that we would not have a approach to modify the cards dealt to a participant, every card
    is randomized by the server. Businesses compete with one another to get you the.
    Justdial just isn’t accountable or liable in any way for rankings
    posted by its customers. I’m cautious of online fraud, so I decided that initially I’d not put in any cash
    of my own and would solely play free rummy video
    games. At Rummy Millionaire, we’ve got thousands
    of gamers playing online, there may be always a table for you – Log in any time
    you need and play uninterrupted games. Variations of this app apk obtainable with us:
    1.09.60 , 1.09.fifty five , 1.09.fifty three You might also obtain apk of Ultimate RummyCircle and run it using android emulators reminiscent of big nox app
    player, bluestacks and koplayer.

    In every deck, yow will discover different playing cards like Ace, 2,
    3,four,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen and King. However once we hit 1 million registered customers, it was clear that we needed
    to present rummy its personal stage in India”, stated Bhavin Pandya,
    Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Play Games24x7.
    We have over two million registered gamers, making us one of many leading
    on-line rummy card video games taking part in portals in India.
    RummyCircle is India’s largest Rummy portal, with over 500 million player interactions monthly.

    Games24x7 tournaments may be joined by anyone who units up a
    sound account from residence, an internet café
    or every other location with web access.

    Please word that we wouldn’t have a approach to modify the playing cards dealt to a player and each card is randomized by the server.
    Play Games 24X7 launched Teen Patti, Rummy and Poker beneath its Ultimate series in the final yr, and has recorded a cumulative one million downloads for the three video games.
    MUMBAI: The wholly owned division of Play Games24x7, RummyCircle, has launched a brand new TVC encapsulating the
    thrill and pleasure of enjoying the sport of rummy online.

    RummyCircle presents the only on-line multiplayer rummy recreation in well-liked formats without
    spending a dime and for money. Infact they are probably the
    most beneficiant out of all of the rummy sites
    in the case of bonuses.

    For Poker games, it is usually the competitiveness of a tournament and
    the money prizes that come with it. When you’ve got exciting story strains for social games, you might be most welcome to Games24x7.
    Really cool swipe characteristic to pick and discard cards making your rummy recreation play effortless.
    Exceptional User Interface, Fast loading tables, exciting promotions and provides, unlimited money prizes
    are the advantages of signing up with Deccan Rummy. The participant who stays until the top with out crossing the
    preset restrict is the winner. Basic Rummy is the third largest
    rummy website in India with over 3 Lakh registered gamers.

    Generally most of the prime apps on android store have rating of
    4+. Whole number of evaluations 45777. We are a close-knit
    workforce of creative and tech-savvy people who love to work and play collectively.
    Eg: Traditional Rummy they have introduced the brand new 30X
    two step cash tourneys. What we really should be specializing in now could be DAU
    (each day active customers).” Average DAUs for even the highest apps in India might
    be a couple lots of as compared with thousands and thousands within the US.
    It’s only when there are lively customers for the app, does it suggest scope for monetisation,” he
    mentioned. http://www.nayubiko.com/user/profile/629898

  6. visit this link

    Even as Indian startup unicorns in high-profile
    sectors like e-commerce and repair-aggregation battle to find a path to profitability,
    a startup in a a lot smaller sector with far much less bling is displaying
    the ecosystem how it is done – and by raking in massive returns for its buyers.
    The transaction is without doubt one of the rare large-money exits within the Indian startup ecosystem, but not for players
    operating rummy companies. Is a part of a cool gaming
    community of different game web sites with totally different goal
    groups. The final word Gin rummy card game,
    which has been described as one of the best card sport by app
    reviewers is on the market on the Apple App Retailer.
    As you play, you’ll earn cash prizes, match bonuses and
    freeroll tournament entries and transfer up the tiers to reach the ultimate Platinum tier.

    Deccan Rummy is now the one stop destination to play free rummy games and in addition to win actual cash.

    Rummy is Perfectly Authorized in India : The primary query that arises at anyone’s
    mind whereas taking part in on-line card games in India is whether they are authorized or not.
    In both case, the participant completes his
    or her turn by discarding one card resist
    the discard pile. Whether or not you feel bored throughout leisure or insomniac during night
    time, or just wish to loosen up, play rummy on GoRummy by logging on to
    the web site and entertain yourself. Deccan Rummy gives a
    variety of on-line rummy games for our players. I’ve performed Sport
    Colony Gin for fairly awhile…always difficult and good gamers come to the site.

    To add much more fun and excitement to your rummy gaming
    expertise, we host a number of attractive weekly and monthly promotions all year long.
    Indigo Rummy has the widest range of on-line rummy video games with
    greater than 8 variants which might be performed for Free or Cash prizes to win. Lately i was looking out ways to earn cash on-line ,where
    i discovered this on-line gaming community of games 24×7
    – Indigo Rummy. One of many major advantages of taking part in online is which you can play rummy on-line for cash; that
    is one important side that has blessed the traditional rummy lovers
    in India. Buoyed by a highly person-friendly interface that has appealed to individuals of
    all ages, on-line gaming platform Rummy Passion has taken India’s on-line gaming scene by storm,
    clocking a stupendous progress of 100% per quarter (when it comes to lively gamers).

    Previous to melding, one card must be placed face down and that is known as a closing card.
    Right here at Adda52rummy we offer you rummy sport with both randomly selected joker and printed
    jokers as effectively. Free-entry tournaments happen every hour at
    Be a part of freeroll tournaments with out paying any entry fee and play
    free online rummy sport to win actual money prizes! Hence
    rummy, considered as a game of skill or mere ability by the courts of legislation, is excluded
    from the applicability of laws that prohibit betting and gambling,
    besides in just a few Indian states. This website ensures that each player who
    comes right here to play has a particularly secure taking part in expertise with
    quite a few options for making deposits and quick and efficient options for withdrawals.

    After you have laid your playing cards on the table, you will
    be able to use your cards to complete the mixtures already there.
    Taking part in tournaments entails large
    prize money and big risks so don’t go to tournaments directly begin slowly and develop steadily.
    Be taught concerning the totally different rummy video games,
    browse our online rummy articles, and only
    play at the most effective rummy sites on-line.

    As soon as a player attracts a card, he has to get rid of one card (discarding).

    Loaded with exciting new options, playing online
    Rummy with KhelPlay Rummy is an expertise that can keep you hooked and craving for more!

    Enjoying on RummyCircle is honestly a very good
    expertise for me and I’m comfortable to win money video games.

    Take delight in taking part in rummy with awesome bonus
    plans. Rummy is generally a strategy based recreation and
    at you’ll find all the instruments you will require to become an skilled participant, reap the benefits of free rummy games tutorials,
    glossaries, strategies, rules explanations and suggestions.
    Identical to enjoying on-line games whereas taking part in rummy online too
    with each new stage crossed and every challenge overcome, you get to test not solely your determination-making expertise but additionally your strategy skills.

    We now have crafted our game tables perfectly for
    you to take pleasure in the very best online rummy expertise.
    In addition, you may also check your gaming abilities in Tournaments that takes place all day.
    The cell functions offering on-line playing and hosted
    in Telangana will be booked,” mentioned the officer.

    Internet portals with 3D results are gathering appreciation by the
    digital game specialists as nicely, which is attracting plenty of
    folks’s attention as in comparison with other gaming portals.
    The Supreme Court Thursday put rummy websites out of the ambit of its scrutiny and selected to concentrate on legality of table rummy performed in golf equipment.

    The wonderful array of sport choices here make enjoying rummy on-line at Aslirummy such a lot of enjoyable as there’s something new
    to try each time you go to the site. Playing cards drawn from the inventory or taken from the discard pile are by no means added to a participant’s hand.

    Indian Rummy (or Paplu) is a card sport in India with little variation from unique rummy It might be considered a cross between Rummy 500
    and gin rummy Indian Rummy is a variant of the rummy game popular in India that includes making valid
    sets out of thirteen playing cards. Type cards via shade, numbers or face and
    figure out the best placement to get rid of them.

    Club Empire lets you make straightforward, fast and secure real cash deposits with
    a wide selection of options, plus fast withdrawal, or you can play at no cost.
    Bonus Wager: The player is dealt a hand totalling 12 factors or much less.
    You may all the time discover folks enjoying both free and
    money rummy video games on-line 24×7 on offers a world-class interface that enables all Rummy lovers to
    play basic Rummy games online in India. If
    you have a cell phone you may attempt the games without spending
    a dime on Zapak and then download them to your Android or
    Windows Telephone to play on the go.

    As soon as a participant has laid out all of their playing cards and has discarded their last card on the discard pile,
    the sport ends. This makes it a protected and legal gaming exercise which also offers loads of probabilities for profitable money prizes and giveaways.
    Featuring a sophisticated recreation lobby that is
    optimized to player needs, KhelPlay Rummy cellular app permits you to play online rummy in a
    protected and trouble-free vogue. Refer your mates to Deccan Rummy and you can get Limitless Lifetime Bonus!
    All my expensive associates you may as well win on this site.
    Solely on the very start of gin-rummy recreation both player (beginning with the non-vendor)
    will get a choice both to alternate one of the playing cards from their fingers with
    an upcard or to pick a Pass button to move this opportunity.

    On-line Indian Rummy is the style, being appreciated by Indian households along with young era,
    which forms a professional circle of skilled rummy gamers.
    This app has a good way of getting a little easier to
    time and then only a to make the game a little bit more challenging but the controls app game doesn’t seem to be a
    fun thought for a little bit longer however I have love actually.
    In online rummy other than 13 playing cards rummy websites are also providing
    21 cards rummy also which additionally highly regarded online rummy players in India.
    Enhance your deposit and get a head begin at the tables; play rummy on-line with gamers from
    all over India to win LARGE!

    A player can skip the phases of melding and laying off and
    proceed on to the discarding part if he needs. The German web site
    Skill 7 contains online versions of Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy
    (a thirteen-card game with a minimum 30-level requirement to meld) and Jolly
    (a meld scoring rummy sport with jokers). We now have over two million registered gamers, making us one of many main online
    rummy card video games taking part in portals in India.
    From thrilling Welcome bonuses to Refer a pal bonus, Deccan Rummy gives
    all of it to its very personal loyal players all
    across India to keep them excited and entertained.

    Portals like Rummy Passion, income is earned by way of ‘rake’,
    which is a share of wins collected from the profitable gamers.
    is the best Indian rummy site that offers online rummy video games in several codecs.
    Register on Baadshah Gaming, win bonus Baadshah money to play
    our video games and win actual money prizes. A successful
    hand is one that has two sequences with no less than one sequence and not using a Joker.

    The Chinese replaced their bone or ivory playing playing
    cards (tiles) they used to play the sport of Dominos with, with a heavy
    paper type of playing cards. Taking part in Cards Rummy Online Game Play Free Cash And Tickets Every day.

    Even after redeeming gifts or prizes, my profitable ratio does
    not cease. The first part of a turn is the drawing phase, in which the
    participant takes a card from the stock pile or
    the discard pile and provides it to his hand.
    Once you might be logged in, you’ll be able to compete for a place in the highscores record
    and luxuriate in extra profile benefits. is the first website to introduce Online Rummy to the Indian market.
    You may as well boost your deposit with weekly deposit bonuses and
    cashback presents that offers the best value on your bucks.

    On the finish, whatever cards are left in player’s hand which are NOT in these collections (melds), are
    known as deadwood.

    Deccan Rummy is not only another on-line rummy web site; which is exclusive in its ethics and have a artistic method which makes a
    predominant site beloved by all Indians. I’ve performed rummy on a number of websites to date but I haven’t
    discovered one higher than Taj Rummy. Underneath Indian legislation,
    any sport that requires ability is authorized. Deccan Rummy offers you a stunning referral bonus on your friend’s charges.
    We provide plenty of free rummy tournaments 24×7 to enable our players have
    fun and win cash prizes for gratis. Through
    the recreation you can arrange your hand into units or sequences by draging them to the specified location with the mouse button pressed

    When it is your turn, it’s a must to draw
    a card from the stock or the discard pile, and, to be able to complete your
    flip, it’s a must to discard a card. Simply confirm your cell quantity
    and obtain prompt chips to play actual money video games on your cellular device.
    Unfortunately, we cannot detect RSS feed on this web site, however it’s
    possible you’ll observe associated information or common pages instead.

    FIFA 14 is the most recent instalment of the extensively popular and profitable
    soccer recreation, which now options on more Android devices than ever, thanks to the significance of the Ultimate Group.
    And we are consistently studying more about their enjoying behaviour,
    patterns and liking.

    The follow tables mean you can play and practice the variants with out paying cash.
    Rummy could be played face to face and rummy getting popular on-line also.
    Deccan Rummy gives thrilling thirteen card basic rummy video games totally free with a tremendous opportunity to win real cash.
    Read up on the varied Online Rummy games we offer,
    obtain the free rummy video games platforms and start creating
    wealth at RummyRoyal right now! And whereas most of these games deal in actual cash, there are also some like Final Rummy where users win simply factors.
    The federal government says there are complaints that online rummy has turn out to be
    a mafia and there are several circumstances of fraud and money theft through
    such sites.

    On a mean, these portals have wherever between 20,000 to 2 lakh gamers and see an average of
    a lakh app installs each week. The first indications are
    that the French brought the sport with them to the newly discovered continent, namely America,
    playing poker with playing cards Through the years, a variant
    of the sport of the sport, at the moment known as rummy, was created.
    This time, you’re behind the wheels of a bike in a much more detailed gaming expertise,
    but in addition retaining the unique enjoyable
    and ease. Final time, I couldn’t win in the Smartphone Match,
    so I am extraordinarily comfortable that I gained this time around! http://forum.gigabyte.de/index.php?page=User&userID=67270

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